*Certified Cisco Networking Academy | *Certified Microsoft Imagine Academy

Course Offering:

  • Certified Cisco Class 
  • Certified Microsoft Suite 
  • Friday Tech Club
  • Saturday Tech Club

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About Us


We are a Five (5) year old curriculum development and technology training academy serving:

  • Technology Professionals;
  • Corporate Professionals;
  • Educators;
  • Students. 

We provide a step-by-step training approach to developing your skills using technology. Our courses are delivered using our online platform. 

High ROI

Technology is critical to success in today's job market. 

Targeted and structured training increases human resource productivity and efficiency.  

At iLabGlobal, we use a level-by-level approach to each training module. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide training experiences that are tailored to your needs and the needs of your organization. Our courses offer depth from beginner to expert. We support you 100% in increasing your skill level from beginning to end.

Why does Apple’s Tim Cook think that everyone must code?