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Course Offerings:

  • Certified Cisco Academy
  • Microsoft Office Suite Training 
  • Digital Productivity
  • K-12 Tech Clubs
  • Personal Training

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Course Offerings

Certified Cisco Academy - Tech Professional

IoT - Internet of Things

Cisco's IT Essentials 

CCNA1 - Intro To Networking

CCNA2 - Routing & Switching

CCNAS - *Coming Soon - Cyber Security 

Microsoft Office Suite - Business Professional

Excel 101 - Basics

Excel 102 - Intermediate

Excel 103 - Advanced

Excel 104 - Beyond Advanced

Digital Productivity - Build Your Skills

Introduction to Computers

Digital Organization

Primary School Saturday Tech Club (3-4)

Primary School Saturday Tech Club (5-6)

Secondary Friday Tech Club (Form 1 - 5)

*Ask about our 1 - on -1 training programs. Designed just for you!

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We are a technology training academy for technology professionals, businesses and students. We provide a step-by-step approach to increasing your skill in IT, ICT's and computing.

High ROI

Technology is critical to success in today job market. Targeted and structured training to increases the productivity and efficiency.  Skills for organized information, reporting, data analytics are in high demand. At iLabGlobal we use a level-by-level approach to each training modules, to provide quick use for ready application.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide training experiences that are tailored to your needs and the needs of our company. Our courses offer new depth from beginner to expert. Sign- up today!

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