About Our Partnership With the Rotary Club of Antigua

Technology Integration Training For Teachers

For the past (10) years the Rotary Club of Antigua has brought hundreds of computers to Antigua & Barbuda through their "Computers To The World Program". In 2015, they added a technology training component to ensure that teachers would have the skills to use the tools and create technology Integrated lesson plan. iLabGlobal has designed and created the curriculum to train over 150 teachers through 2017.

Systemic Technology Integration Training Series (STITS)


Each year the Rotary Club delivers hundreds of computer to Antigua and Barbuda. In addition to technology devices they provide a training initiative for teachers. iLabGlobal has designed the curriculum and delivered training to over 150 teachers in technology instructional strategies for the classroom. If you are interested in participated please contact us.

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We provide reporting on the impact of the training to our partners each year.