Outlook 1

Level 1

This MS Outlook course covers the introduction of email messages. Students will learn how to manage email messages and attachments, configure message options, and use basic search functions. Students will also learn to manage contacts and contact groups, work with tasks, and create appointments. 

In This Course, Learn To: send and respond to meeting requests, appointments and events, contacts, Email basics, Email management, meeting requests and responses.

  • Connecting your Email Accounts
  • Organizing Inbox
  • Managing Email
  • Creating and Sending Email
  • Creating & Working with Others (Collabaoration
  • Working with Delegates
  • Calendar Integration
  • Managing Data

Level 2

Students will learn how to customize Outlook, use Quick Steps, create Folder pane shortcuts, customize the Navigation bar, customize their messages and signatures, and set up automatic replies. Then students will learn how to set rules for organizing messages and use advanced techniques for managing and maintaining their mailboxes. Students will also learn how to search various folders, use filters, and apply categories, as well as how to work with notes and Journal entries. Finally, they will learn how to share Outlook calendars and contacts and stay informed with RSS feeds. 

In This Course, Learn About: Collaboration, connecting with SharePoint, customizing messages, customizing Outlook, Mailbox organization and management , Notes and Organizing items.

  • Managing Email
  • Managing Inbox with 3rd Part Apps
  • Zero Inbox
  • Managing Multiple Calendar
  • Creating and Editing Appointments
  • Scheduling Events
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Printing Calendars
  • Saving & Sharing Calendars
  • Manging contacts
  • Contact Group
  • Creating & Managing Task
  • Catagoring Task
  • Managing Task
  • Using Notes
  • Customing Outlook
  • Creating Signatures & Staionary
  • Customing Calendars