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Want to be a power User?

Over 12 weeks you will gain the power to efficiently navigate MSExcel and MSOutlook with confidence


Summary of Course:

The Microsoft Excel & Outlook Power User Course is a specially designed to be immersive. This course gives power to the user allowing a more productive integration between Excel and Outlook. There are key features in both of these software programs, which some people never use. Integrating these programs will open a whole new range of possibilities and save a lot of time and resources.

After this course you will be able to quickly and easily share files, collaborate for team projects using these software in the Microsoft Office Suite:

  • Learn to share data and charts created in Excel
  • Add tables and charts 
  • Break apart graphical elements with Paste Special
  • Export, analyze and chart Outlook tasks to manage projects easily
  • Discover the many uses of Outlook - simple ways to coordinate and manage tasks between Outlook and Excel (and OneNote) for increased efficiency
  • Obtain General level keyboard shortcuts for windows to simplify and sped up your work process

Who will benefit from or should attend this course:

  • Office workers who need to create and share documents as a part of their duties
  • People who have a basic to intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office and want to learn more
  • People who wish to increase their productivity and efficiency with Microsoft Office tools
  • People who wish to organize and share their notes, tasks and appointments Using Microsoft Office
  • People who wish to make document sharing easier, using Microsoft Office